July 6-8, 2021


EdMedia Social Events


Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings


Join colleagues for a Special Interest Group meeting. All attendees welcome to join a SIG (or both!) For more information and SIG descriptions, please visit aace.org/conf/edmeda/sigs.

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Poster Demonstrations

Poster Sessions

All available online at AcademicExperts.org!

This Informal and popular venue for exchanging ideas has adapted to the online format with virtual posters. Many presenters have pre-recorded their poster pitches. Log in anytime to view these sessions.





Innovators Showcase

Wednesday, June 24,  6:00 PM CEST

Utilizing Process Improvement Guidelines to Evaluate the Impact of Reactive Online Programming and to Guide the Proactive Development of Future Online Initiativesders in education.

Teachers, administrators, and technology support personnel across the planet had to rush into providing more of their learning and teaching content and experiences online during the Covid sequestration. Often, these online learning activities were done reactively, with little notice being given to the learners and instructors. In this session, we will discuss the Process Improvement Guidelines (PIG) to help support reflective evaluations into the impact the learning and teaching activities had on the students, educators, parents, and programs. The PIG provides a proactive support for educators as they attempt to evaluate the outcomes of their recent reactive online interventions, and to evaluate the impact that their efforts have had through collegial reflective practice, knowledge based management strategies, and a structure for the investigations into what has happened, why it occurred, and where the organization needs to go to meet future needs.


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Happy Hour at Home with EDIL2020

Thursday, June 25, 5:00 PM
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All attendees welcome to join us as we toast to EdMedia + Innovate Learning 2020 Online and enjoy a spcial time together online.





Emerging Scholars Social Event: Grad Student Night In

Friday June 27, 7:30 PM CEST
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Join with fellow grad students and local Amsterdam Executive Committee Members for an online social event.

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