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Thursday, April 28, 2016

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  • Lynda Donovan, Learning Consultant, Ireland
  • The Power of Immersion for Learning and Assessment

  • Abstract: With the growth and evolution of immersive technologies and a concurrent imperative for educators and employers to identify, develop and assess 21st Century Skills, there exists an opportunity to leverage the affordances of Immersive Learning Environments (ILEs) for the teaching, learning and assessment of these complex skills. Lynda will explore the pedagogical affordances of well-designed ILEs, outline key design considerations for the pedagogical and technology architectures of ILEs, and identify innovative component ILE technologies to support and deliver on such pedagogical architectures. She will also present research evidence, both from her own research and that of others, to support the use of Immersive Learning Environments for the teaching, learning and assessment of 21st Century Skills such as problem solving, collaboration and leadership.

    Biography: Lynda has 20 years' experience in technology-enhanced learning. She lectured at the Limerick Institute of Technology, was Head of Learning Design at the e-Learning company ThirdForce, was Head of Pedagogy and Learning Design at the Learnovate Technology Centre in Trinity College Dublin and is now a consultant, researcher and entrepreneur. Lynda has extensive experience in designing and delivering innovative technology-enabled learning, assessment, training, performance and talent management solutions to a wide range of sectors and industries including corporates, higher education, schools and Governments and the Pharma, Banking, Recruitment and Oil & Gas industries. She also has extensive research experience and was a Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. Lynda is regularly invited to speak at international conferences and events, to write for industry publications and to contribute chapters to books.

Friday, April 29, 2016

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  • Nicola Whitton, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
  • Playful learning: beyond games and gamification

  • Abstract: In recent years, we have seen an increase in interest in game-based learning and gamification as tools to motivate and engage students. However, the potential of play at all levels of learning is much wider: playful learning presents a real opportunity to bring back the magic to education.
  • In this talk, Nicola Whitton will consider playful learning as a pedagogic approach, highlighting the importance of failure and the need to develop intrinsically motivated learners. She will discuss ways in which we might use technology to create playful experiences and consider theoretical perspectives on motivation, engagement and play, drawing on lessons learned from her own research in the field of games and learning.
  • Biography: Dr Nicola Whitton is Professor of Professional Learning at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on digital innovation in learning and teaching and, in particular games, play and learning in the context of Higher Education. Her research interests include interaction design, the impact of motivation and engagement, active learning design, and the pedagogy of play. Her first book Learning with digital games, based on her PhD thesis, was published in 2010, and is an accessible guide to the design, development and use of games for learning at university.



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