Introduction to E-Learn

“The E-Learn conference series is about Blending. It is about a coming together or blending of ideas and experiences of the world’s leading researchers, developers, and practitioners from education, government, healthcare and business to all learn from and inform one another. Too often similar groups only associate with each other and, thus, continually exchange similar ideas.

The underlying concept for E-Learn is based on the insight that opportunities to produce great work and achievements are often found at the margins of our individual knowledge. And by providing a forum, such as E-Learn, that exposes us each year to diverse groups of remarkable people, the intersection of ideas and knowledge should present possibilities for personal learning and growth, hopefully with the global goal of creating and improving online learning.”

Gary H. Marks, Ph.D.
AACE Executive Director

E-Learn - World Conference on E-Learning is an international conference organized by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) and co-sponsored by the International Journal on E-Learning.


E-Learn provides a unique forum for Government, Healthcare, Education, and Business professionals to discuss the latest research, development, applications, issues, and strategies, to explore new technologies, and to identify solutions for today’s challenges related to online learning.

A variety of opportunities and venues are designed to enable participants to actively learn from and collaborate with a multinational, cross-industry expert faculty and peers on the research, development, diverse learning experiences, implementation and technology needed to improve e-learning.

With 1000+ participants from 60+ different countries at this conference, E-Learn has become one of the leading and largest international e-learning conferences and gathering of e-learning and distance education professionals.

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