Presenting for Impact at AACE Conferences -
An Online Workshop

Recording: Presenting for Impact
Date: May 22, 2009
Time: 3 PM (EDT) | World Clock

Academics invest significant effort to ensuring quality papers and research reports are included in conferences. Pre-conference workshops are made available to newcomers to the field, providing guidance on writing papers that clearly and effectively communicate research findings. Through peer review, papers that lack clarity, or fail to advance a field, are rejected. This effort is expended to provide conference attendees with cutting edge thinking and research. Unfortunately, excellent quality papers can be overlooked by a poor presentation.

AACE is pleased to announce an introductory workshop - Presenting for Impact - to assist interested presenters in organizing and displaying their research, planning their presentation, and using appropriate visual aids.

Topics include:

Instructions to Join the Workshop

  1. Five minutes before start time, click here to join: Choose the "guest" option and enter your full name to enter the meeting room.
  2. To access the AUDIO portion, you can listen through your speakers via VOIP.

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