EdMedia Corporate Participation

The EdMedia conference gives you the unique opportunity to present your company's Net related products to an international forum at a discounted rate. Typically there are 1500+ leaders representing 70+ countries.

Profile of Conference Attendees

If you wish to reach an global audience, EdMedia conferences are truly international. For a list of countries, see Countries at EdMedia.

Within the special Industry track, EdMedia will allocate a 30 minute (Corporate Showcase) or 2 hour (Poster/Demo) period in the Program for your presentation.

These are very cost-effective ways to communicate your message and make an impact at the conference.

If your company would like to participate in this year's EdMedia Conference, please submit a brief proposal for one of the session categories below.

Corporate Showcases (30 minutes)

Present your company's recent developments and applications, inform the audience of your future directions, and showcase your company's noteworthy products and services. Corporate Showcases are not included in the Proceedings.

You will be provided with a meeting room, PC, Internet connection, and projector.




Corporate Demonstrations/Literature (2 hours)

Demonstrate and discuss your company's research, developments and applications, gain feedback, and establish contacts. Corporate Demonstrations are not included in the Proceedings.

You will be provided with a 4' wide x 8' high poster board, 6' long x 24-30" wide table, 2 chairs, and electricity.