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The exciting island of O'ahu, Hawaii, the home of Honolulu and Waikiki is the site of E-Learn 2011.

Whether your idea of fun is soaking up the sun on a pristine, white sand beach or nightclubbing in Waikiki, hiking the trails or sampling some of the fantastic Hawaiian Regional Cuisine, we know that you're going to enjoy yourself on O'ahu.

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Over 125 miles of beaches surround two magnificent mountain ranges punctuated with a vibrant city, colorful little communities and highlighted by dozens of the most scenic spots on earth. Far and away the most diverse of the Hawaiian Islands, there's something here for everyone. No other American city could offer you the opportunity to surf the world's biggest waves, snorkel a lagoon, hike into a dormant volcano, golf at a dozen championship courses, and catch the sunset from a five-star restaurant. All within an hour's drive of your hotel room.

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For sheer variety of things to do, the Island of O'ahu is unparalleled. Outdoor activities range from the calm (a cool moonlight walk along Waikiki Beach), to the heart-stopping (hang-gliding off a thousand foot cliff in Waimanalo). All 103 sandy beach sites on O'ahu are open to the public, and nearly 600 of the state's top surfing spots are here, including Waimea Bay and the Banzai Pipeline, considered among the most challenging surf breaks in the world.

Surfer Sunset
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Nowhere does East meet West more obviously or successfully than in the arts (and the cuisine) of O'ahu. Collections built over the last two centuries reflect influences from Europe and Asia. Each wave of immigration brought its own cultural traditions and the result is that O'ahu, like no other place on earth, has become a cultural repository for the artistic traditions of Polynesia, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and the West. Over fifty ethnic groups are represented on the island of O'ahu, making this one of the most culturally diverse and racially integrated places on the globe. For the million people who live in the State of Hawaii, Honolulu is 'the big city,' so we're fortunate to have more than our share of nightlife and cultural activity. This includes theater, opera, an active symphony program, stage shows and comedy, as well as traditional island entertainment such as the hula.

Valley Honolulu Sunset
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O'ahu is where the cultures of the Orient have blended with the culinary traditions of Europe to create "Hawaiian Regional Cuisine," combining the spices from all over the world in a remarkable blending of Eastern presentation and Western substance. You can also sample ethnic dishes ranging from the exotic spices of Southeast Asia, to the drama of an original Hawaiian luau to the more familiar western cuisine of Italy and France.

Blue Pools of Water Breaking Wave
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