Online Course: Effective Strategies for Learning and Teaching Online

Announcing a New Online Course…

August 3-14, 2020

Whether you are a online learning novice or a seasoned expert, this 2-week course will help you become a more effective online/digital teaching and learning professional.

Note: To support the educational community in difficult times,
AACE has heavily discounted this course for Summer 2020.

Application for August 3-14 course has closed.


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technology-strategy-meetingAs educators face a global crisis and must learn about new technologies as they enter a new school year, AACE is offering teaching professionals a very low-cost ($30), yet high quality introductory course on how to implement effective strategies when teaching and learning online.

The course will model and examine effective strategies for learning and teaching online. Based on student-centered learning theories, the course will explore essential tools for robust learning:

  • Engage students in rich discourse;
  • Examine the pedagogical value of common online tools;
  • Investigate implementation of formative and summative assessment tools (including badges);
  • Incorporate use of media and gaming tools into course activities; and
  • Explore application of emerging tools into online learning environments, e.g., Artificial Reality & Virtual Reality.
AACE–Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education is pleased to provide this introductory course Effective Learning Strategies for Learning and Teaching Online to teaching professionals across the world.As the first course in an initiative that we informally refer to as LearnTech U, we attempt to provide support to professional educators who are now prompted by a pandemic-induced drive that has faculty across the world engaged in online instruction. This new reality too often has occurred with insufficient professional development. Therefore, we attempt to close that gap–at least, in a small way.We like that term LearnTech U because it’s very close to “LearnTechLib,” ( which is the digital library established by AACE–one of the largest and most robust digital libraries dedicated to learning technologies. AACE also represents a broad community of international scholars, researchers, and practitioners–some of whom will join us in this course.You also may know that AACE coordinates a number of professional associations, such as the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) and organizes several international conferences such as EdMedia, Innovate Learning Summit, and SITE. At the end of this course, you will learn about how you can leverage these resources to expand your professional development.When you sign into the course, you should find a number of course materials and resources that will allow you to have a successful experience.  See you online!
Delivery (available when you are): 100% asynchronous + 2 hours optional synchronous (recorded)
Student Time Commitment: Approximately 1 hour per day, August 3-14.
Course Limit: 30 students.*
Special Introductory Registration: $30
Receive Upon Successful Completion: Certificate, validated badges, & 1 year subscription to
Syllabus: Available soon
* The student number is limited to ensure high quality learning and instruction for this course. A brief 5 question application is required. Upon acceptance, you will be notified with information on how to register.
Application Due (5 questions): July 23, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: July 24, 2020
Registration: July 29, 2020
Course Dates: August 3-14, 2020
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