AACE Conference Hosting Services

AACE Can Organize Your Online Event

Organizations planning conferences face great challenges due to necessary restrictions caused by the pandemic. AACE has faced and overcome these challenges and is looking to help your organization!

Previous Online Participant Testimonials

How has AACE offered two successful online conferences in the past 3 months?   By using our existing in-house developed, 10+ years tested, and maintained AACE Conference Management System & Meeting Application.

As a service to other organizations, we can discuss making our event management system available to help organize your online event.

We offer these event management capabilities:

  • Hosting: Using our own conference meeting application & experienced staff to navigate attendees and presenters through the conference
  • Submission: Submit presentation proposals
  • Review: Assign proposals to reviewers, process reviews Proceedings: assemble papers accepted into publication book
  • Scheduling: Schedule accepted proposals
  • Registration: Registration entry and payment processing
  • Proceedings: Assemble papers accepted into publication book

If you are interested in AACE partnering with you to organize your event, please contact info@aace.org