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Mission: The Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education is an international association of individual teacher educators, and affiliated organizations of teacher educators in all disciplines, who are interested in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher education and faculty/staff development.

The Society seeks to promote research, scholarship, collaboration, exchange, and support among its membership, and to actively foster the development of new national organizations where a need emerges. SITE is the only organization that has as its sole focus the integration of instructional technologies into teacher education programs.


Membership Brochure: Benefits & Rates (PDF to print, 175kb)

Your SITE membership better enables you to:

  • Learn about, and contribute to, the latest developments, techniques, and concepts in your particular discipline(s).
  • Gain professional recognition and make valuable personal and professional contacts.
  • Participate in SITE's leading-edge committees to help direct the growth of your society.

SITE International Conference

This annual conference offers opportunities to share ideas and expertise on all topics related to the use of information technology in teacher education and instruction about information technology for all disciplines in preservice, inservice, and graduate teacher education as well as faculty and staff development.

Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE)

This official journal of SITE serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge about the use of information technology in teacher education. Journal content covers preservice and inservice teacher education, graduate programs in areas such as curriculum and instruction, educational administration, instructional technology, and educational computing. A quarterly subscription to JTATE is included with SITE membership.

Contemporary Issues in Technology & Teacher Education (CITE)

ISSN# (1528-5804)

An electronic publication of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE), established as a multimedia, interactive counterpart of the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education.  Funded by the U.S. Department of Education Preparing Tomorrow's Teacher to Use Technology (PT3) catalyst grant, CITE makes possible the inclusion of sound, animated images, and simulation, as well as allowing for ongoing, immediate dialog about theoretical issues.

SITE Governance Document

National Technology Leadership Summit

SITE Position Paper: Statement of Basic Principles and Suggested Action ('Ames White Paper')

The SITE position paper known as the "Ames White Paper" was developed at Iowa State Univ. in response to a request from Linda Roberts, and presented at the "White House Conference on Technology Training for Teachers" in Washington, D.C. on April 24, 1998. The recommendations flowing from this conference provided the impetus for the subsequent "Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology" initiative.

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