AACE Global U Faculty - Dave Cormier

Dave Cormier PhotoDave Cormier is a web projects lead at the University of Prince Edward Island, cofounder of Edtechtalk, and president of Edactive Technologies, a social software consulting firm. He teaches academic courses in writing, emerging tech and culture. His major research interests include the placing educational technology in a 'postdigital' context, the examination of planned and unplanned communities, rhizomes as a model for knowledge creation, and open-source multiuser virtual environments (MUVEs).

Cormier is a member of several research communities and has participated several web based research projects including the Open Habitat project and the Living Archives project. He has produced, designed, or participated in over 300 online webcasts in the past four years and speaks regularly at conferences on topics including rhizomatics, effective use of new technologies, and educational project management and design.

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