Teacher use of online supports for PBL in different high school subjects

ID: 28022
Type: Brief Paper   Topic: Research & Evaluation

Room: 12
Fri, Apr. 2 2:45 PM-3:45 PM

Jason Ravitz, Buck Institute for Education, United States

This study examines teachers' online feature use as it relates to time spent on PBL and related inquiry practices, as well as perceived preparedness and ability to overcome challenges for this type of instruction. Findings show that online technologies are helping advance teacher use of project based learning (PBL), by increasing preparedness and reducing challenges across a wide range of schools and academic subject areas. In each subject area some online technologies are more prevalent and more strongly related to PBL use and perceptions. A surprisingly strong relationship is seen among math teacher technology use and PBL use, even though PBL use is relatively infrequent for math teachers overall. For science and social studies teachers we see greater online feature use is associated with an increase in PBL use, as well as in preparedness and a decrease in challenges. Similar patterns are seen using a broader inquiry-related practice index. The results can guide professional development and efforts to provide online technologies to support teaching reforms.

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