Papers Selected for Readers
from SITE 2002 Conference Presentations 

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March 24-29
Albuquerque, New Mexico)

SITE 2003 Call for Presentations

Electronic Portfolios
Development and Use of Electronic Portfolios in Preservice Education
Shirley Andrews, Valdosta State University, USA; Adele Ducharme, Valdosta State University, USA; Carolyn Cox, Valdosta State University, USA
The Integration of the Portfolio-based Intel "Teach to the Future" Model to Enhance Pre-service Teacher Education Program
Maria Bhattacharjee, University of Houston Downtown, USA; Irene Chen, University of Houston Downtown, USA; Susan Paige, University of Houston Downtown, USA
Electronic Portfolios in Pre-service Education– Distinguishing Between Process and Product
Christine Brown, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, USA
Electronic portfolios
David Dimond, Brigham Young University, USA
Electronic portfolios
Barbara Levin, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA; Jean Camp, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
Electronic Portfolios on a Grand Scale
Nancy Yost, Indiana University of PA, USA; Dolores Brzycki, Indiana University of PA, USA; Lloyd C. Onyett, Indiana University of PA, USA
Video Learning Tools
Using Digital Video Tools to Promote Reflective Practice
Ann Cunningham, Wake Forest University, USA
Learning in Online and Desktop Video Conferencing Courses: Are Some Students Plugged In and Tuned Out?
Karen McFerrin, NSU, USA; Paula Furr, Northwestern State University College of Liberal Arts, USA
Preparing for Digital Storytelling
Robert Leneway, PT3 Director @ Western Michigan University, USA; Ellen Brinkley, Western Michigan University, USA; Allen Webb, PT3@Western Michigan University, USA; Corey Harbaugh, Gobles High School, USA
Using Video to Support Teachers' Ability to Interpret Classroom Interactions
Miriam Sherin, Northwestern University, USA; Elizabeth van Es, Northwestern University, USA
Faculty Development
Collaborative Support for the School of Education: a joint Instructional Technology and Library needs assessment program
Jean Bryan, DePaul University, USA; Terry Taylor, De Paul University, University Libraries, USA; Mickey Anne Hinojosa, De Paul University, University Libraries, USA
Project Merlot: Bringing Peer Review to Web-based Educational Resources
Ralph Cafolla, Florida Atlantic University, USA
Developing Faculty To Move From Class Rooms To Learning Spaces
William Chernish, University of Houston, USA
Faculty of Education Professional Development
Cheryel Goodale, University of Alberta, USA; Mike Carbonaro, University of Alberta, USA; Fern Snart, University of Alberta, USA
State-Wide Change
Developing a State Technology Plan to Promote State-Wide Technology Integration in K-12 Education: Preparing Arizona Students for Future Success
Jeannie Brush, CRESMET, Arizona State University, USA; Donovan Evans, CRESMET, Arizona State University, USA
Tennessee Board of Regents - Regents Online Degree Programs
Robbie Melton, Tennessee Board of Regents, USA; Carol Puryear, Tennessee Board of Regents, USA; Bettie Phillips, Tennessee Board of Regents, USA
Course Redesign
Using Visualization to Make Connections Between Math and Science in High School Classrooms
Delwyn Harnisch, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
“Achieving Technology in the Classroom: Making it happen through interdisciplinary collaboration”
Phil Lewis, Radford University, USA; John Hildreth, Radford University, USA
Redesigning College Algebra Delivery from Direct Instruction to a Computer Environment
Brian Beaudrie, Northern Arizona University, USA
The Advantages of an Active Text
Brian Felkel, Appalachian State University, USA; Bob Richardson, Appalachian State University, USA
Online Tools
Adaptive Profiling Tool for Teacher Education
Miikka Miettinen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland; Petri Nokelainen, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland; Jaakko Kurhila, University of Helsinki, Finland; Tomi Silander, University of Helsinki, Finland; Henry Tirri, University of Helsinki, Finland
A Fractal is a Pattern in Your Neighborhood
Craig Bach, School of Education, Drexel University, USA
Developing video-based e-learning applications
Mario Bochicchio, SET-Lab, University of Lecce, Italy; Nicola Fiore, SET-Lab, University of Lecce, Italy
Campuswide Efforts
Interactive, Multimedia Online Courses: Meeting Administrative, Development, and Dissemination Challenges
CJ O'Connor, Arizona State University, USA
GWeb Portal
Francesco de Leo, The George Washington University, USA
Faculty Technology Integration Project
Comfort Akwaji, Iowa State University, USA
The Transformation, Reform, and Prospect of Distance Education in Taiwan
Chih-Hsiung Tu, The George Washington University, USA; Hui-Ling Twu, Chin-Yi Technology Institute, Taiwan
PreK-12 Partnerships
Riverlink: A Collaborative Technology-Based Project for Improving Science Teaching and Learning
Dennis Holt, University of North Florida, USA; Cheryl Claxton, Duval County Public School District, USA; Scharyle Nottke, Duval County Public School District, USA
A Connected Lifelong Learning Community
Kenneth Janz, Indiana State University, USA; Susan Powers, Indiana State University, USA
Preparing Technology Proficient Teachers
Teresa Franklin, Ohio University, USA; Bonnie Beach, Ohio University, USA
Video Conferencing as a Tool to Link Colleges of Education with K-12 Schools: A P3T3 Project Initiative
James Lehman, Purdue University, USA; Rabih Razzouk, Purdue University, USA