Global TIME: Mission and Audience


The mission of Global TIME--Global Conference on Technology, Innovation, Media & Education, which is adapted from the Global Learn conference, is to further the advancement and innovation in learning and technology. As the educational world becomes increasingly global, new ways to explore, learn, and share knowledge are needed.

The Global TIME online conference serves as a means to connect and engage creative educators, researchers, consultants, training managers, policy makers, curriculum developers, entrepreneurs, and others in the topics and fields in which they are passionate.

Many individuals are transforming learning environments in local as well as more global ways. Global TIME offers them an opportunity to meet and discuss their ideas, findings, and next steps.

Among the other primary aims of Global TIME is to:

The decision to hold this annual conference online is based on the need to connect and showcase a broad base of global and educational leaders.


This includes educators, education and training leaders, training and learning center directors, military trainers, project managers, technology and learning administrators, instructional designers, heads of government agencies or projects, learning evaluators, learning technology researchers, and all in the knowledge services and media industries, including filmographers, technology innovators, educational consultants, educational philanthropists, educational entrepreneurs, nontraditional and informal educators, and much more.

General sectors covered:

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