Blended Learning Environments: Student Satisfaction and Institutional Responses at a Small College

ID: 29658
Type: Virtual Brief Paper   Topic: Learner-centered, and self-directed learning


Gouri Banerjee, Emmanuel College Boston, United States

Teachers in higher education are increasingly moving to blended teaching and learning environments that combine face-to-face and online methods. Smaller institutions of higher education ask whether this is a desirable trend. Student satisfaction and learning effectiveness are key factors in assessing blended environments. Using survey data, we shall show that whether students prefer blended learning depends on the subject matter and the degree to which self-directed learning and problem solving are required. We shall show that blended environments that provide opportunities for frequent face-to-face interactions with teachers and peers and use moderate amounts of digital technologies are preferred. Many students continue to prefer face-to-face classes as compared to technologically mediated ones when teachers do not understand their preferences.

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