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What is a Virtual Presentation?

Presentation time: 15 minutes
Submission proposal length: at least 4 pages, properly formatted as per the guidelines; maximum of 6 pages. An abstract is not sufficient to be evaluated as a Brief Paper Due Date

Proceedings length: 6 pages maximum (guidelines) Due Date

Virtual Brief Paper sessions enable research, developers, and practitioners to present and asynchronously discuss, via the conference website and online Discussion board, their latest results and developments in progress in order to gain feedback and to establish contact with similar projects.

These papers are brief, more condensed presentations or work-in-progress projects.  These sessions also may be new extensions to existing projects, newly initiated projects, and/or projects underway that include opportunities for additional partners.

Virtual Paper proposals must include:

The submission should clearly indicate:

To be included in the Final Program, accepted Virtual Presenters must register by the confirmation deadline and submit their PPT or PPTX (without audio or video) presentation file. All presentation files will be reviewed.


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