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Dr. Aaron Doering - University of Minnesota


Are you wondering how to engage learners through online learning? Traveling the world to educate students through online learning has been a dream come true for Dr. Aaron Doering. Over the past decade, Doering, professor of Learning Technologies and co-director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab at the University of Minnesota, has brought Adventure Learning to the forefront of education as he's traveled to climate hotspots around the globe, collaborating with diverse cultures while millions of learners participated virtually. Doering, who just completed a TED talk this past year, will speak about his expeditions crossing the circumpolar Arctic; his project Earthducation which investigates the intersections between education and sustainability on every continent; and his newest projects North of 60 and Explore15 that engages learners, literally throughout the world, using the new approach to Adventure Learning – AL 2.0. Doering will also unveil his newest project that takes him to the extremes of the earth to educate students. He looks forward to exploring the intersections between education, sustainability, and engaged learning with you! Want to get a jump on the learning, check out

Biographical Information:

Dr. Doering is an Associate Professor in Learning Technologies at the University of Minnesota. Doering currently holds the Bonnie Westby-Huebner Endowed Chair in Education and Technology, is a Laureate of the prestigious humanitarian Tech Awards, and is a fellow for the UMN Institute on the Environment. He has delivered education on sustainability and climate change to over 10 million students by dogsledding and pulking over 5,000 miles throughout the circumpolar Arctic since 2004.

His most current project, Earthducation, investigates the intersection of education and sustainability on all seven continents over the next four years. Doering gives talks each year on adventure learning and motivation and his academic writing is focused on how adventure and online learning impacts the classroom experience, designing and developing online learning environments, and K-12 technology integration. He has received millions of dollars in grants and has published over 70 journal articles, books, book chapters and conference proceedings and is also the coauthor of Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching.

Currently, he is the PI of four grants: Earthducation, with support from the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment; Explore15, with support from the Best Buy Children's Foundation; North of 60 with support from the National Science Foundation; and GeoThentic, with support from the National Geographic Society.

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