E-Learn Keynote & Invited Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Tuesday, October 20 • 8:30 AM

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  • Dragan Gasevic, Univ. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • Learning analytics are more than a technology
  • This talk will introduce the field of learning analytics and touch on lessons learned from some well-known case studies, identify critical challenges, and discuss a set of milestones selected as critical for the maturation of the field of learning analytics. Read More »


Wednesday, October 21 • 8:30 AM

Thursday, October 22 • 8:30 AM

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  • Lani Gunawardena, Univ. New Mexico, US
  • Culture and Online Learning: Global Perspectives
  • This session will examine how culture influences the learning process online. Subscribing to a view of culture as negotiated online, we can come to terms with the complexity of culture in online learning environments, by defining it from the perspective of the Internet as a culture in its own right where networked learning communities develop their own conventions for interaction, and what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior online. Read More »


Invited Speakers

Tuesday, October 20 • 1:30 PM


Wednesday, October 21 • 1:30 PM

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  • Thomas C. Reeves, Univ. Georgia, US
  • "Here's the Thing" or "Here's the Problem"? A Reexamination of the Focus of E-Learning Research
  • This session will provide guidance for reorienting e-learning research to addressing head-on the important educational issues faced by practitioners and society at large. Read More »



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