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Keynote Speakers


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  • Ann Hill Duin - Univeristy of Minnesota, US
  • As the Future Connects You
  • During this keynote, Ann will engage us in active exploration of personal learning networks (PLNs), encouraging us to re-imagine and re-create ourselves and our organizations amid a future of collaboration and connected learning. Read More »


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  • Ellen Hoffman - University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, US
  • What's in a name? Changing times, changing titles
  • This talk explores the story of our field from a linguistic perspective, with a focus on implications of our names and a view towards the future. It is underpinned by calls from leading researchers challenging us to find more precise terms for the way we think about and research education and learning technologies. Read More »

Invited Speakers


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  • Susan McKenney - Univeristy of Twente, NL
  • Research-Based Design & Design-Based Research: Affordances, Limitations & Synergies
  • This presentation reflects on the affordances and limitations of Research-Based Design & Design-Based Research approaches for advancing the field of Elearning. Examples of synergistic combinations are also discussed, along with recommendations for optimizing these processes to improve Elearning innovations. Read More »


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  • Malte Persike - Johannes Gutenberg Univ. Mainz, DE
  • The digital flip. Effects of virtual and physical flipped classrooms in massive open statistics teaching.
  • The proposed merits of flipped classroom teaching have been put under close scrutiny in numerous lines of research. This talk presents data from a three-year longitudinal study with undergraduate students of Psychology attending a mandatory statistics course. Read More »


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