Play with Science: Spongelab’s interactive online learning platform

ID: 37394
Type: Products/Services Presentation   Topic: Content Development

Room: 5
Wed, Oct. 10 2:00 PM-2:30 PM

Jeremy Friedberg, Spongelab Interactive, Canada

Teachers are challenged by finding quality multimedia content for the classroom and integrating that content into their teaching and assessment; all while trying to adhere to tight classroom budgets. Spongelab provides a solution for free science education: a curated multimedia library of games, animations and more, stitched together with online classroom presentation tools and with detailed data tracking capabilities. This session introduces the Spongelab platform: a free website for playing, teaching, and tracking the results of science education. Spongelab boasts high quality online interactive media and teaching tools that engage users through a website platform that is a game in itself. Learn more about this award-winning online education website that can be used by anyone, anywhere, regardless of budget. A live demonstration will show how Spongelab allows interactive multimedia to be seamlessly placed in online lessons, shared with students and integrated with classroom reports.

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