June 25-29, 2018


EdMedia Workshops

Monday, June 25, 2018

9:30AM-1:00 PM

Workshop 1: “Making With Kids in Europe – To foster digital literacy, to make a better world, and to build a new entrepreneurship education”

Learning goals: Hands-on experiences with simple maker tools and projects with children for beginners and insights into diverse European approaches and experiences with maker education.

Description: Some of Europe’s leading experts on making with children will share their experiences and different approaches within this joint workshop The workshop will include presentations about teacher education within makerspaces at the University of Technologies Graz (AT), about inspiring social innovation and educational projects at the Waag Society (NL) and about the European initiative DOIT, which sees making as a good base for an early entrepreneurship education. Participants will work with a set of tools and smaller maker projects. For example, they can program educational games in Scratch, build a dough piano (which will do music!) with a MaKeyMaKey set, or sew some “smart gloves”. Interactive discussions will be the base to develop own future implementations.

Participants: This workshop is planned for beginners within the field of making with children. Please bring your mobile devices (phone, tablet, computer) into the workshop, if possible. Max 26 people.

Workshop facilitators:

   N.N., Waag Society,           The Netherlands










Workshop 2: “Supporting Groups in Research-Based Learning Processes with Digital Tools.”

Learning goals: Identify and reflect on the educational possibilities of digital tools to enhance research-based learning group process. To design a brief research-based learning proposal for a didactic application with one or more digital tools. And to share ideas for the use of digital media for research-based learning processes.

Description: This workshop aims to offer a broad view of the educational possibilities of digital tools for research-based learning group processes; in order to increase effective collaboration among groups, beyond physical constraints.

Participants: Teachers and educators interested in research-based learning processes, but also PhD students and educational researchers interested in eDidactics. Basic Internet user skills are expected. The participants should bring their own laptops to work in the workshop. Max 26 participants.

Workshop facilitators: