Emerging Scholar Stream

Did you know that EdMedia hosts a 'conference within a conference'
specifically for emerging scholars?

This parallel stream of talks, clinics, discussions and social events is specially designed for PhD and Masters students, and young scholars in the profession. The goal is to provide some stimulus to our thinking, dialogue, and scholarship, along with social interaction to better enjoy the main conference activities.

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The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) is proud to offer a special stream of activities, specifically tailored to the needs of emerging scholars and graduate students, at the EdMedia conferences.

The Emerging Scholars Stream provides a platform to discuss, debate, interact, collaborate and network amongst other emerging scholars as well as with current practicing researchers seeking to do the same. It is open to all attendees in the conference and it seeks to encourage and further the relationships between new and existing researchers in the field of educational technology.

The stream will also appeal to supervisors, advisors, early career researchers and others interested in the conduct of research in educational technology fields. This stream has several activities designed to give you a rich and meaningful experience in the conference.

The program includes:

Make Your Posters Great

YouTubeCatherine Fulford and Anuhea Nakahara from the University of Hawaii cover why posters are beneficial, how to make posters reflect you, the elements of great posters, and things to avoid when creating posters.

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You can attend as many of these sessions as you wish, and move freely between these sessions and the full conference.

Each day will provide opportunity for discussions and informal conversations, and social opportunities at the end of the day.

Did you know?

  • You may be able to use the Graduate Stream to gain credit towards your degree.
  • AACE and EdMedia offer this program as a service to graduate students by presenting high quality, research training opportunities.
  • Your home institution might consider structuring a readings/seminar course or independent study contract for you that includes attendance at these and other EdMedia sessions as part of the course requirements.
  • The graduate stream program is available for registered attendees at the EdMedia Conference. Special registration is not required to attend the Stream!

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Social Event: Graduate Student Reception

All graduate students and accompanying advisors/supervisors are invited to attend!

So, if you are interested in meeting like-minded researchers, be involved further in the field of Educational Technology, and network with international peers and experts, then the Emerging Scholar Stream at the EdMedia conference is for you! Please join us and we hope to see you this June!