Keynote Speaker

Why Networked Learning Matters

Alec Couros - University of Regina, Canada


There has been much hype in the past several years about this 'social media' phenomenon – blogs, wikis, Twitter, and the like. Techno-utopianists tell us that these new democratizing tools will change everything we know about education, teaching, and learning. Critics often take an opposing narrative and view many of these tools as simply glitzier forms of old practice, or temporary distractions. So what should educators believe? This presentation is meant to deconstruct some of the big questions regarding social media and its place in teaching & learning. What tools and practices are here to stay? What will disappear? What will be different about education in the years ahead? And, what do we need to do as educators & administrators to create the best learning environments for our students?

Biographical Information:

Dr. Alec Couros, is an Associate Professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. He has given hundreds of workshops and presentations, nationally and internationally, on topics such as openness in education, networked learning, social media in education, digital citizenship, and critical media literacy. His graduate and undergraduate courses help current and future educators understand how to use and take advantage of the educational potential offered by the tools of connectivity.