June 20-23, 2017

Washington, DC

EdMedia Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Call for SIG Papers

At EdMedia, Special interest groups (SIG) focus on a shared interest or topic of conference participants. The idea is to advance a specific area of knowledge through discussion and collaboration while at EdMedia but also between our annual conferences.

You are invited to submit a research publication clearly explaining the addressed questions for each SIG.  SIGs are scheduled to be held at EdMedia as an outstanding track. All accepted submissions will be presented with a discussion to follow and extra time for in depth-discussion about the topic and future development of the SIG. All selected publications will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (JEMH).

If you and your colleagues would like to establish a SIG for a shared interest, please contact us for submission instructions.

Emerging Technologies for Learning and Teaching SIG

Emerging Technologies SIG Call for Papers

Chairs: Martin Ebner and  Tufan Adiguzel

In areas that are defined by buzzwords such as new user interfaces, ubiquitous computing, surface computing, multi-touch technologies, wearable devices, etc., this SIG likes to discuss the scientific base of future technologies for learning and teaching. Within a sub conference the group further aims to give best-practice examples of how innovative technical solutions impact on learning and teaching. Accordingly, we especially invite innovators, technology focused and visionary people of all educational sectors to present and discuss their results with us. “Learning supported by innovative emerging technologies” best describes our goal.

The SIG addresses to give an overview of how technology enhanced learning can be supported by innovative technologies. The chair encourages researchers to submit contributions with a strong focus on technology. Bearing in mind that new devices like Apple’s iPhone or iPad as well as Android supported Smartphones and Tablets are pervading our daily life, and e-Books are more and more replacing traditional devices we like to ask for ideas how this will change education in the future.

Learning Design SIG

Learning Design SIG Call for Papers

Chair: Doug Reid

The Learning Design SIG has the aim of promoting the discussion of Learning Design that is occurring now in the Higher Education community. This discussion will include high quality, proven practice examples of learning design being used now.

A key aim of the SIG is to engage with models of learning design currently being used or being proposed to meet the needs of 21st Century educators.  Conceptual models, models of multimodal delivery, investigation of types of learning approaches, and learning design decision making models are among the topics to be discussed.  This SIG will explore factors such as the composition of units of learning, guidelines for structured interactions, assessment tools and strategies, and preparing learning goals, objectives and outcomes. A final key aim of the SIG is to include the impact of the educator and the learner into the discussion regarding learning design.


Emerging Scholars/Graduate Students SIG 

For detailed information, visit the ESS SIG Page: https://www.aace.org/conf/edmedia/scholars/ 

Chair: Verona Leendertz & Ellen Taricani

This stream of talks, clinics, discussions and social events is specially designed for PhD and Masters students, and new scholars in the profession.

The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) is proud to offer a special stream of activities, specifically tailored to the needs of emerging scholars and graduate students, at the EdMedia conferences.

The Emerging Scholars Stream provides a platform to discuss, debate, interact, collaborate and network amongst other emerging scholars as well as with current practicing researchers seeking to do the same. It is open to all attendees in the conference and it seeks to encourage and further the relationships between new and existing researchers in the field of educational technology.

The stream will also appeal to supervisors, advisors, early career researchers and others interested in the conduct of research in educational technology fields. This stream has several activities designed to give you a rich and meaningful experience in the conference.