Using Social Networking and Learner-Centered Measurement in Automated Social Mentoring Systems

ID: 27534
Type: Brief Paper   Topic: Research

Room: 7
Thu, Oct. 29 5:15 PM-6:15 PM

Richard N. Landers, Old Dominion University, United States

The power of social networking for instruction in both the classroom and training workshop is obvious; out-of-class relationships amongst learners can foster increased understanding of the subject matter not possible with the instructor alone. Taking advantage of these systems is the next step in improving instruction through technology; yet, most online instructional systems today are relatively simplistic compared to the wide variety of web-based technologies available. This paper proposes a support tool for learning that incorporates both social networking and learner-centered measurement techniques such that learners with expertise in the subject material can be automatically identified and assigned as mentors to learners seeking help in the context of a fully online instructional program. It also describes potential incentives and reward systems to encourage participation in that system. Such a system would furthermore be offered and administered at zero cost to research partners.

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