Empowerment and Leadership Development in an Online Story-Based Learning Community

ID: 27603
Type: Full Paper   Topic: Research

Room: 10
Wed, Oct. 28 4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Brenda Stutsky, Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg, Canada

The goal was to develop an online learning community where hospital-based nurse educators could develop their own leadership practices through storytelling within an environment that included the elements of teaching, cognitive, and social presence. A wiki was separated into two learning communities: facilitated and self-organizing. The researcher led the facilitated community, while self-organizing members led their own community. Through narrated presentations available to both communities, and leadership stories written and posted by the community members, nurse educators learned about exemplary practices of leadership. Educators in both communities significantly increased their own perceived leadership practices and levels of empowerment. Educators in both communities identified that their communities included the elements of teaching, cognitive, and social presence. There were no differences between the communities, except on the teaching presence subscale of direct instruction.

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