(Missed) Opportunities for Transforming Identity: We Don’t Want Second Life/Chances

ID: 27565
Type: Brief Paper   Topic: Content Development

Room: 9
Wed, Oct. 28 5:15 PM-5:35 PM

Anu Chatterjee, Clermont College, United States
Suguna Chundur, Clermont College, United States

Questions of cultural identity and cultural exchange are challenging concepts for our students who are predominantly white and working class. The MMORPG game Second Life was used for a group project as part of an ethnic literature course. The course readings comprised of fictional and non-fictional narratives about problems of living as a minority in America. Class discussions encouraged students to view identity as a socio cultural concept. Students examined how an ethnic identity in America is confronted with damaging stereotypes, and yet the experience also affords an opportunity to transform self. Among other goals of the Second Life project, one was to examine students’ perceptions about the question of individual choice in identity construction. The Second Life project was also used to build collaboration with students from an IT course and investigate how online communities can be used in literature courses.

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