Building Online Learning Communities with Web 2.0 Tools

ID: 26960
Type: Best Practices Session   Topic: Instructional Design

Room: 10
Thu, Oct. 29 2:45 PM-3:45 PM

Marvin LeNoue, North Dakota State University, United States
Ronald Stammen, North Dakota State University, United States

This session will detail our experiences with second-wave enabled digital delivery models that have proven effective in the enhancement of learning community development in the online environment. These instructional designs are based on a Web 2.0-enabled blended learning model, and geared to afford online instructors the advantage of the tools and potentials offered by the social media revolution. While comprehensive in its range of affordances, this approach can be simply and quickly implemented by instructors of all technical skill levels. The core delivery component consists of a dedicated social network website mashed together with a standard institutional CMS, allowing instructors to easily manage institutional and administrative needs while at the same time providing course participants with a readily-accessible social media toolbox and vibrant virtual social space.

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